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Lava Crackle Charvel Model 5A


Good: AMAZING crackle finish, super dense lava on ultra rare 5A config (single humbucker). Modern Gotoh GE1996T bridge.
Gremlin "AK1200 midboost" circuit (adjustable boost level via internal trimpot), clone of the Jackson JE1200. Neckthru 24 frets. 80's Japan quality Charvel. Custom aluminum control cavity cover. Stock pickup. Much lower price than most.

Bad: Really needs a fret level and crown, and I do not have time these days. There is also some fretboard wear between 2nd and 3rd strings below first fret but not where you fret either string, but *between* them. Also I do not have a hardshell case for this one.

Ugly: The very tip of the headstock broke off when it was shipped once upon a time and was reglued imperfectly.

Contact me for tons of extra photos and questions.