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The BARBARIAN version of a 1960's Univox Superfuzz with artwork by Unexpected Specter. Ultra-saturated fuzz for days (and nights), with the infamous Super Fuzz octave overtones for that infamous "sound" we all know.

Secondary tone mode with the "Midnight Shift" left footswitch, selects between scooped and bass-heavy DOOM, and a classic mid-focused VINTAGE fuzz that cuts through the mix like a perfectly tempered sword.

Hand-selected transistor gains to closely match the original units. There is also an internal trimpot for the octave balance which we set to a preferred shop spec, but you can play with the adjustment and experiment yourself.

Words from the artist:

"Chalice is the focal point. The rim is what would be the top of a helmet with the nose guard coming down. The handle has wrappings like a sword hilt, with its base having some knot engravings. Behind is a large wing representing the Valkyrie. Bringing a less brutal view of death, more transformative and meaningful."