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Top of the line ESP HORIZON CUSTOM from '88!!! Badass pink champagne, burgundy mist color...totally epic. Insane 24-fret neckthru slayer with ebony board and Bare Knuckle pickups!

In overall VG-EX condition with very few marks and dings, slight headstock tip ding as expected but still intact...worst area is the very bottom rear with some medium roughing...other than that, this thing is totally killer and super clean where it counts!

Over $600 in upgrades including Schaller chrome locking tuners, Bare Knuckle COBRA, bare Knuckle AFTERMATH, black Gotoh knobs, and a modern ESP MH-style hardshell case. Includes:

- Original neck pickup (trust me, the BK Cobra *smokes* it!)
- Original chrome knobs (but I think the black Gotoh knobs look way meaner)
- Original chrome ESP tuners, and silver whammy bar not shown.

Bare Knuckle Aftermath in bridge and brand new Bare Knuckle Cobra in neck position installed 2022. Upgraded with chrome Schaller locking tuners. It has the original Sinclair tremolo, ebony fretboard in great shape, nice low action and plays most excellent in my opinion. I do not have the original bridge pickup, sorry. Comes in the modern ESP hardshell case ($189 new) which is perfect for it.

Note: I find a bit of buzz on the low string only, way up high above 12th fret, but I have it tuned down to D standard with 46's also, and it's no problem with distortion anyway. If you are tuning higher with 42's it may remedy that bit of buzz, or some spot fretwork may completely fix that if you are so inclined.

Naturally it is expected you will be able to perform a setup after shipment with your preferred string gauge and tuning, and be able to make suitable adjustments to the tremolo system for best performance.

I will be uploading front and back videos on Youtube...search "GREMLIN ESP HORIZON"