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'85 Gibson XPL Custom Shop Explorer


Rare XPL Explorer, and as beautiful as it is deadly!!!

They only made maybe a couple hundred of these heavy metal masterpieces in white back in '85 when shredders ruled the Earth. 

This one is in pretty excellent shape, especially compared to most other XPL's which usually have way more checking and wear and tear.  They age to this perfectly supreme off-white color, looks phenomenal. Ebony fretboard rules and frets are in very overall nice shape still, nearly a closet queen with just a couple of dings.  It does have some very common "guitar stand stains" leached on the rear like most of these white ones tend to have...purely cosmetic.

Upgraded the chrome Kahler with badass black authentic Kahler Pro saddles and fine tuners, looks way more killer this way.  Comes with the original Flyer saddles and fine tuner screws also!!!  So this can easily be swapped around to fully original condition.

Probably nobody else will tell you this...but these original Dirty Fingers were not wax potted like modern pickups and tend to feedback like crazy with high gain amps.  Every XPL I have had does this same thing.  So you will either want to employ a noise gate, or pull these oeiginals and keep them in the case as collectibles, then swap in modern Dirty Fingers (which are wax potted) or your choice of pickups otherwise.  Just an honest assessment, do what you will, but you have been warned...

Factory hardshell case and whammy bar included.  Ships very carefully packaged!  Local pickup available in Austin, Texas.