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UNDERWORLD is the Barbarian version of classic 80's Analog Chorus.

Effect is fully handbuilt and housed in an appropriate throwback-style chassis, gold mini-Marshall style knobs, remarkable hammered gold/black pitted powdercoat done by Disaster Area, and laser etched black-and-gold plate with the Fuzz Raiders logo for the ultimate in badass minimalist appearance.

Built with modern replicas of the old school Panasonic bucket brigade and clock chips. Phenomenal for both rhythm guitar and adding that supernatural texture on shredded solos.

Hypnotic water-like chorus, perhaps reminiscent of Charon the boatman ferrying the souls of the dead across the black river. Classic SPEED and DEPTH controls, plus an extended RANGE toggle for even deeper modulation.

Limited FIRST RUN Edition of only 13 units for 2021.