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$2,499.00 - $2,750.00

Exceptional vintage Fender PR!  Virtually this is a blackface Princeton circuit-wise with Silverface appearance.  Youtube video showing the internal restoration overview is on the Gremlin Machine Shop channel.

It came with RCA 7025, Telefunken 12AX7's, GE 5AR4 rectifier, and RCA 6V6's!!!  Right now it is setup with modern JJ replacements but the original tube WILL BE INCLUDED...yes!

All original parts that were replaced will be included, such as swapped components and the Gibbs reverb tank.  Footswitch is included, I believe it is likely original also.

This amplifier has been meticulously serviced with high quality component upgrades in January 2023 here at Barbarian Electronics in Austin, Texas. 

It arrived in virtually all-original condition, *possibly* just a resistor or two had been changed in the far past, and it was hard to tell.  This still has all the "important" original film and ceramic capacitors in place, including the highly coveted blue Ajax coupling caps. 

Original output and reverb transformers, but the power xformer is an older Stancor...although the wiring and soldering appears to have been totally original so maybe the factory still had some laying around that day?  Nothing about it's appearance indicated it was non-factory is all I'm saying, and the voltages are spot on for this model!  It performs and sounds exactly as one would expect.

All electrolytics have been upgraded as they all measured way above specs (as one would expect). Bias board was completely rebuilt and a bias trimmer added to setup new tubes to perfection. The old carbon composition "power drop" resistors were upgraded to fresh higher wattage metal oxide or wirewound versions. Again, all parts that were replaced will also be included in your purchase for collector's sake.

The original main filter canister multi-capacitor was left in place for exterior aesthetic purposes.  New F&T filter caps were installed internally by  soldering terminal strips to chassis, in order to avoid drilling any holes!  These axial F&T caps have a much greater chance at long-term reliability than the modern reproduction canister caps would.

3-prong A/C power cord was installed to code, with the ground wire being longer and soldered directly to chassis for added safety.

The original Reverb Tank will be included but was updated to a brand new MOD Electronics version, due to a broken transducer insertion pin as seen in the photo.  I sincerely do not know whether this can be possibly be repaired, but you will receive the original tank regardless.

Will be professionally packaged and insured.  Local pickup available in Austin, TX and you are welcome to test the amplifier first in-person as well.