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The ultimate death/thrash metal Solid State ultra high gain amplifier...with the special bonus of a clean chorus channel that essentially rivals the Roland Jazz Chorus...best of both worlds in my view.

Included is the super rare proper Ampeg footswitch!

Fully restored (approx. 60 capacitor swaps!), upgraded components to Nichicon & Wima high quality caps...better than factory!

Brand new FX LOOP jacks installed...this eliminates the common "volume drop" issues these amps tend to exhibit over time. Deleted & internally jumpered the redundant Power Amp IN/OUT jacks on rear, which often only contributed to the same volume drop issues. These changes make the amp rock solid now!!!

Brand new custom headshell with black bottom corners, black handle, new MOD Electronics miniature reverb tank, and extra large rubber feet. Knobs have been replaced with a brand new set, but I will include a few original knobs just in case you want them on the push-pull pots instead. If you use the footswitch, you won't need to use the push-pull switching anyway.

This amp is fully decked out compared to any others you will find, and was very meticulously restored as always. A superior example of the VH140C!!!

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