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Peavey Butcher 1985


Full system tech refresh performed right here at GREMLIN Machine Shop in Austin, Texas.

Freshly recapped with F&T electrolytics, adjustable bias mod (set to 65% dissipation), and brand new Matched Quad of JJ 6L6 power tubes ($100 value just on tubes). Thing is ready to rip for the next 30+ years.

These are known to very close in circuit architecture to a JCM800 preamp (minus a gain stage), and with the 6L6GC power section for much higher wattage output. 

Boost with your favorite overdrive in front to unlock Maximum Destruction!!!

Not gonna lie...the Low Input is phenomenal for a pedalboard platform as well.

Has some white dot markings on front panel EQ area that may come off with scraper, eraser or isopropyl? 

Local pickup available in Austin, Texas.  Ships very carefully packaged.

Instagram @gremlinmachineshop

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