I have been a professional electro-mechanical technician since 2010. Then I founded "GREMLIN Machine Shop" FX pedals back in 2016. I created the BARBARIAN shop a few years later to have a separate electronics repair company. I also sell some of my personal guitars and amps on this website.

My personal workshop is located at home in Austin, Texas near the North Burnet Rd area, very close to Moon Music and Guitar Center on Anderson Lane. This way I am able to focus more directly on amplifiers, and typically have a much quicker turnaround time than all the local brick-and-mortar shops.

I take work by appointment, and you can drop-off gear at MOON MUSIC where I am the technician.

I specialize in vintage Fender, Marshall, and Peavey tube amplifiers. I have also restored many Ampeg VH140C's and Marshall 8100's for all you death metal solid state slayers.

Standard amplifier maintenance service, including replacing critical capacitors, typically starts at $150 (plus parts) as a general guideline. I will make your amplifier as safe, reliable, and great sounding as possible within your budget. Full restorations and mod services are also options for you. I prefer to work on tube amps but will look into many Solid States as well.

You will get high-quality components installed such as Nichicon, F&T, Vishay, Panasonic, CDE, etc. We can also bias your amp to perfection with a fresh set of matched output tubes.

Cash, Paypal, Venmo, CashApp, and credit cards accepted. Contact me for inquiries, thank you!


P.S. Guitar electronics repairs and effects pedal restorations are always welcome!