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Peavey Rock Master 1983


Full system tech refresh of this Rock Master amp performed here at GREMLIN Machine Shop in Austin, Texas.

Full electrolytic recap, bias mod added and set ~65% dissipation, brand new Matched Quad JJ 6L6GC power tubes ($100 value just on tubes!).

The Rock Master was Peavey's first solid answer to JCM800 style amps. They directly preceded the Butcher, which morphed into the VTM and eventually became the ultimate 5150. 

Rare to find one at all, even moreso one already fully serviced to perfection and retubed such as this...ready for 40 more years of riffing carnage.

These are INSANELY loud amps with some beastly transformers that wield Godlike iron and are super heavyweights despite a shorter chassis design.  It is missing the metal corners is all but those can be had on the cheap.

Local pickup available in Austin, Texas or will be shipped with extreme caution and packaging as always.

Instagram @gremlinmachineshop

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